Monday, May 1, 2017

Great Week! - Tahaa

Great week!

My new bike brakes arrived from Tahiti so now when we go down hills I can stop when I need to without the sound of metal grinding against metal.  Brake pads don't stand a chance against these hills.

Lots of little miracles in finding people to teach.  We pray so much to find the people the Lord has prepared. And we are blessed so much to run into some of these wonderful brothers and sisters!

We had zone and stake conference this weekend!! So fun. Elder Nielsen from the 70 was here and just killed it.  He only speaks English so he had a translator and it was so fun to hear the difference in the languages with a translator! Especially when he would tell jokes that didn't translate hahaha and no one got it.

We got hit on by a drunk lady at the roulotte (kinda like a food truck).  Who was there with her husband.  And holding a baby.  The Word of Wisdom is a blessing folks.  

Spiritual thought!
I've been thinking a lot about faith recently, and it's helped a lot.  Like thinking about this gospel, the book of mormon, God, etc.  And even us missionaries struggle with faith and such when there's a lot of discouragement or lack of success.  But it got me thinking, either this Gospel is real or it's not.  Either God exists or He doesn't. etc.  So the real question is? Do you believe it or not?  And if you do, make sure you live your life 100% in accordance with that belief.  Cause that's what faith requires.  And then you can sit back and watch the blessings flow into your life.  I know Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and can heal us and make us stronger and better if we turn to Him and keep his commandments.

I love you all!!

atl, Elder Jenkins

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