Monday, March 27, 2017

Hey it's me! - Tahaa

Some of the senior missionaries took our can of gas, so we had to go without cooking for a few days haha but now it's back and we may feast!! It's pretty hard to cook eggs in microwaves...
It was actually the couple's last meeting with us at our house last Friday, so we had a crepe party! (thank you mom for teaching me how to make crepes)

There are fun trucks that drive around and sell lots of stuff.  I call them the "everything but ice-cream trucks.  

Mens motab is the current jam.

I slipped and dropped a glass bottle and it shattered all over our kitchen floor this week lol.  But thanks to tender mercies I didn't even get cut!  How neat!

Spiritual thought!
God is there.  Many times on my mission I feel like either God isn't listening or is deciding to give me lots of trials on purpose.  But I know that we just gotta keep working on our faith.  If we have any problems that need solving, start by working on our faith.  God works in mysterious ways, that's for sure, but everything happens for a reason, and trials are often blessings.  

Elder Jenkins 

But behold, all things have been done in the wisdom of him who knoweth all things.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Fun Week! - Tahaa

Things are going well!  Sometimes a bit frustrating with amis haha.  We taught a man last monday and we really had high hopes for him.  Twice we felt totally prompted to go see him and turns out that both times were in direct responses to his prayers!  So we taught him monday, explained the restoration of the gospel, (how we know the true church/ priesthood/ prophet etc is on the earth again) and it went well.  At least we thought.  Cause at the end of the lesson he invited us to come to his church! :)...  We tried to explain that we kinda have already found the truth and it's our job to invite people into Christ's church and he just goes "pray about it!"...
So three days later he shows up at our house for our answer and we said no, since our churches started at the same time, and he got a little frustrated and returned the book of mormon we gave him.  I wish him the best.  

One lady invited us to do a lesson out of nowhere and we were super stoked! Turns out she just wanted us two americans to keep her company while she ate lunch lol.  

There was a mouse living in our house, but don't worry, we killed it.  

Apparently the one and only  Barack Obama is in Tahiti right now so we're praying to get a selfie with him.

Made a mixtape of hymns for some amis cause they love motab.  

A little girl from across the street had her 8th birthday and came over all by herself to give us cake! Cutest thing ever. 

Things are good! hope ya'll are great!!!

Elder Jenkins

Monday, March 13, 2017

Mr. Pig - Tahaa

Haha being a missionary is awesome but so hard lol. 
I keep thinking that I'm getting worse at French, but really I'm just getting to the point where I realize how bad I am/was lol.  But ca va!

Sometimes you just gotta trust that the Lord will bless you for trying.  The other day was unusually hot and we biked for hours just to visit people who weren't home or weren't interested.  Felt pretty defeated that day, but I'm sure the Lord is just lining up something awesome.  

We preformed our little choir number and I was the mistro and felt so cool.

Mr. pig won't leave us alone.  We found him outside our gate with a broken rope attached to his leg. So we walked him home and the owner was grateful.  "One time on my mission I walked a pig down the street."

 We eat eggs as soon as we recieve them.  Cause they're pretty much the only thing I know how to cook. But my companion told me I can't eat 12 of them for breakfast anymore.  Darn.  

Fun fact: sin makes you sad and God makes you happy. 

You guys are the greatest.  Keep being studdly muffins. 

have a fabulous week.  <3 <3


Elder Jenkins

Sweaty selfie with puppy/ only recent picture with me in it

Eatin tupas. :P

Paradise pt. 9012472

Monday, March 6, 2017

I CAN'T EVEN - Tahaa

I just can't. Literally this week has been filled with more drama than my Jr. year of high school.  Insane.

But many good things happened this week as well. 

I played with several small animals, including a puppy who thought my pants were an item of tug of war. 

We had a solid lesson with a guy where he shared that he had a child die before it was born.  We were able to tell him that he can totally see his kid again and he lit up and got so happy.  He was like "so you mean I'll be able to be with him? And I'll be able to do stuff with him?" And he was crying and it was way too cute and spiritual. I love the mission.  My heart is full. 

We ate tupas.  I'll send a pic.

Got to play some chess this week which I totally miss. 

Got to go to another island for a zone meeting, and talk with other missionaries.   

Thank you all who take the time to write me, you are angels.  I wish a fantastic week for you all, God bless you,


Elder Jenkins