Monday, March 13, 2017

Mr. Pig - Tahaa

Haha being a missionary is awesome but so hard lol. 
I keep thinking that I'm getting worse at French, but really I'm just getting to the point where I realize how bad I am/was lol.  But ca va!

Sometimes you just gotta trust that the Lord will bless you for trying.  The other day was unusually hot and we biked for hours just to visit people who weren't home or weren't interested.  Felt pretty defeated that day, but I'm sure the Lord is just lining up something awesome.  

We preformed our little choir number and I was the mistro and felt so cool.

Mr. pig won't leave us alone.  We found him outside our gate with a broken rope attached to his leg. So we walked him home and the owner was grateful.  "One time on my mission I walked a pig down the street."

 We eat eggs as soon as we recieve them.  Cause they're pretty much the only thing I know how to cook. But my companion told me I can't eat 12 of them for breakfast anymore.  Darn.  

Fun fact: sin makes you sad and God makes you happy. 

You guys are the greatest.  Keep being studdly muffins. 

have a fabulous week.  <3 <3


Elder Jenkins

Sweaty selfie with puppy/ only recent picture with me in it

Eatin tupas. :P

Paradise pt. 9012472

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