Monday, July 17, 2017

Le Livre de Mormon - Papeete

The Book of Mormon is by far my favorite book.  Like Harry Potter doesn't even come close anymore.  There is seriously just so much we can learn from it. I was reading in the book of Ether this week, chapter 12.  Which has become one of my fav chapters.  While I was reading it I felt like I just couldn't contain myself.  Every verse just hit me so hard and I realized how the Spirit was strengthening my testimony. 

I've prayed many times to know if the Book of Mormon is true and God has responded so many times with the same answer.  YES.  When I read this book I can feel God's love.  It feels just like a Father's love, even though He's not with us right now.  And I've started more and more to feel the Savior's love.  It feels like an older brother's love, which is odd, because I don't have any older brothers haha! 

I finally finished Le Livre de Mormon for the first time this week (french) And I was so excited because now I get to start again!  It's crazy how many more spiritual details I notice when I read now compared to when I started my mission.  God ALWAYS has something to teach us.  Stay humble, folks.

The Book of Mormon will get you closer to God than any other book.  SO READ IT.  

I love you all so much.  I hope everything goes so great for you this week.  God loves you.

ATL Elder Jenkins

Monday, July 10, 2017

La Charité - Papeete

I've been thinking a lot about how I can improve myself as a person.  And the Gospel of Jesus Christ is for sure the best and only way to do that.  We can study the Gospel all we want, read the scriptures for hours a day and attend every church meeting there is, but the best way to live the gospel is through loving and serving others.  This was a big inspiration for me.  I feel like I've studied a lot but sometimes forget that the studying is there to help us apply the teachings of Jesus through charity.  Just like how the Sabbath Day isn't about locking ourselves in our house to avoid going to the store or the movies, it's a day to think about and act like the Savior.  That means going to visit people who are lonely, helping those in need, giving, writing loved ones, and making people smile.  Making someone's day.  Making someone happy through sharing.  That's what the Gospel is all about.  And if we aren't doing that, we're missing the point.  I'm gonna try to be better at this, cause it's the path to true happiness.

I love you all. I'm so happy to know each one of you and hope you have a great week.  I love my mission.  I'm learning so much and the more I learn the more I realize I don't know haha.  But I know that God exists and wants me and all of you to be the best we can be.  And for that I am grateful.

All the loves,

Elder Jenkins

Monday, July 3, 2017

Great week :) :) :) - Papeete

So we've started doing zumba at 5 am and that's been great.  So en forme.

We had some baptisms and zone activities and they were great. Details aren't necessary. 

I got bit by a dog this week.  It ripped my pants.  And our mission president called me out in his farewell speach for not being obiedient to the scripture that says "avoid dogs".  It was great.

I'm sorry this letter is short I have to go socialize with missionaries haha.  P days tho

So this week after church someone was supposed to give us a ride to a members house but then they were too busy so we had to walk. After about 5 mins a man pulls up to us in his car and asks "so how does one become mormon?"  And we were like "ya we can help you with that."  So we're gonna teach him wednesday.  The Lord is so generous I can't even believe it.  Faith plus hope equals MIRACLES.  I love my mission/ life.  


Elder Jenkins

Monday, June 26, 2017

Farahei is great - Papeete

Our bishop does a workout thing every morning at 5 am and we went to one! That gave our zone leaders the idea to do zumba every day... at 5 am.  Someone help.

We had a pool party with our zone!  Since our house has a pool??? And we can't swim???  Logic.  Anyways our feet had a fun time in the water. 

It's nuts to see big stores again now that I'm back on Tahiti!  I can only imagine the culture shock of coming back to the US!

My new sector is super fun! We walk cause it's tiny, but there's actually quite a few people to teach!  I love it. 

I was a little sick this week, but a mami gave me a blanket and some hot chocolate and that made everything better. I'm so spoiled.

I spoke in sacrament meeting yesterday!  About missionary work.  Summary of my talk-
If we have the desire to serve God, he calls us to the work.  And God qualifies those He calls.  Qualify means a lot of things.  He turns you into a new person full of Christlike attributes.  So we just need to have the desire to serve our brothers, sisters, and God by sharing the gospel, and God will give us the qualities of Christ.  Pretty good deal.


Elder Jenkins

Monday, June 19, 2017

Tahiti papeetee

Life is great.  I left Tahaa and now am with all the other missionaries here on Tahiti and it's super fun.  Elder Hobbs is super rad and is showing me around our new sector.  We walk!  Haha NO MORE BIKING FOR MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

I was super sad to leave everyone and they're all so awesome.  But I got to see a ton of people/ missionaries from before and it's great.  Life just keeps getting better honestly. If you're debating serving a mission or not, just do it.  I love I love.

We've been doing "missionary concerts" where all the missionaries sing at chapels all over for members and to attract amis and just to spread happiness.  It's super fun and some of the missionaries are like professional singers so I get to hear awesome voices like all the time.  One of the sisters was almost the voice of Viana. Or Moana.  I don't know what it's called in America. 

I wish I could write out in detail all the awesome experiences/ lessons learned, but there are too many.  The more you learn about the Gospel the more you change and the faster you keep changing and learning and it's just a giant snowball of joy.

Spiritual thought!
Learned a lot about obedience recently.  Like a lot of times you see people get away with stuff they shouldn't do with no consequence.  Not very fair. And that becomes a temptation to break the same rules.  But you gotta keep in mind that God knows everything, and in the end He will make everything fair.  When we obey the commandments, God blesses us IMMEDIATELY.  Meaning by our humility and doing His will, He blesses us with our needs and changes us as a person.  If we obey we will change.  And change is one of the biggest blessings God can give us.  

I love you all you're all my best friends.

Elder Jenkins

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Coconut water is the new Mountain Dew

PDay with Elder Murdock, on a boat to paradise


This is Miri after her shower.  So precious, so young.

"You're not going on a mission, you're going on a vacation!" 

Tahaa ukulele

Monday, June 12, 2017

Je vais à Angleterre - Tahaa

This week was great!! Like super duper, really.

Unfortunately Miri never came back.  Miri was a kitten that showed up at our house a week ago.  We fed him.  Gave him milk to drink. And gave him a shower.  He didn't like the shower. But he was so soft afterward.  We made it a daily activity because he got himself pretty dirty.  One morning we left to the bakery and when we came back he was gone. Never to be seen again.  Pray for Miri.

One of our amis got Elder Barlow (ex comp) a 12 string ukulele haha and I've been playing it until we give it to him.  Super cool lookin.  

The work is so awesome right now!  Like man.  We fixed the baptism of someone, another lady wants to be baptized, and we started teaching an awesome family of 4.  All so potential.  

The family is so awesome.  We literally taught the dad to pray yesterday.  He'd never done a personal prayer before in his life.  He was so nervous and then gave the most sincere prayer I've ever heard in my life.  The spirit was so strong and we sat in silence for like 2 mins.  Then he broke down and told us his life story and how he has already found so much joy and desire to live from hearing about The Savior and that there really is a purpose to this life.  I will never forget that experience.

We also got to play pool with that family cause they're I think the only ones in French Polynesia with a billiards table.  

Thursday was the craziest day ever.  The whole day I could not focus at all and my brain was going crazy.  I was super tired and "fiu" but kept on going.  And I for sure saw the blessings that night.  We did a lesson with a lady that we just started teaching and explained how baptism works (by priesthood authority and by immersion) and she was like "oooooh okay.  Ya I'll get baptized into ur guy's church.  I wanna make sure my repentance is valid." Like ???? WHAT!  Hahaha NO ONE understands it that well normally.  She just has an amazing understanding of the Gospel and is willing to make sacrifices to follow God's will.  That is a real example of faith.

Unfortunately I will be transferred this Wednesday back to Tahiti.  I will be senior comp, which will be cool, to Elder Hobbs, from England.  I'm sure many adventures await. "J'irai ou tu veux que je sois Seigneur"

Mosiah 3:19 

Savior Redeemer of My Soul- 

"Chasten my soul, til I shall be
In perfect harmony, with Thee.
Make me more worthy of Thy love,
And fit me for the life above"

<3 <3 <3

Elder Jenkins

Monday, June 5, 2017

Miri ran away - Tahaa

Quelle semaine!

We made some pizza, alfredo, french toast, and homemade syrup this week cause Elder Murdock is a master chef!  So much fun. He's from Kaysville, and I'm learning so much from him every day.

This week we've had numerous bike problems haha but luckily the Lord helped us out, and we're ready to go.  Flat tires, gear shifters snapping in half etc.  Bikes are not made for this much biking.

We went to a lil dock the other day and looked down into the water.  It was basically a natural aquarium with crazy fish and a massive sting ray going nuts.  I can't believe this is where I serve my mission.  

We've played frisbee and soccer with some neighborhood kids and they think we're so cool hahaha.  And magic tricks never dissapoint.  Playing with the kids is one of the greatest blessings. So much fun and love and so few worries.

The work is really starting to progress and we hope to get some amis in water soon!

Someone plz take me to Paris when I get home so we can go through the temple there cause dang. * heart eyes

We did a hike today!  I miss hikes.  Hike>Bike

Spiritual thought!
Been thinking a lot recently about "le perspectif éternel". (eternal perspective)  Really, in life you gotta look at the big picture.  One of the greatest blessings of the Gospel/Church is the knowladge of where we came from, why we're here, and where we're going.  We have trials and problems and sadness etc almost every day.  And it sucks.  Cause those things make our lives on earth less fun.  But REALLY, our lives right now aren't supposed to be all fun and games.  God sent us here to have experiences and trials so that we can learn and change.  Progress is the key.  And we can only make progress when we humble ourselves and follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  After this life we'll be eternally grateful for all the good decisions we made here on this beautiful planet.  Be good.  Don't do anything that would displease God. He loves you.

Elder Jenkins

Monday, May 29, 2017

new comp! - Tahaa

Ia Orana i te utuafare ta'u!! Ua here vau outou.  Here roa.

This week was great.

We planted vanilla plants last p day!  It was super fun to do some manual labor with all the spiritual labor goin on.  Taha'a is the "île de vanille" so it's everywhere.  It's apparently super expensive and hard to grow, but smells really good. 

Elder Barlow is gone!! He's on Tahiti now.  He will be missed.  My new comps name is Elder Murdock! He's been out the same amount of time as Barlow, only 3 months left on a mission.  He's super cool, played soccer in HS, and is really good with people.  I'm excited to learn and teach with him.  He's "coaching" me.  That means that I'm officially the sr. companion, but he's there to help me if I need.  I'm also the District leader now, so that means I am officially the King of Taha'a.  

We took a wonderful boat ride through turquoise green blue water the other day.  Most gorgeous experience of my life.  You could see like 10 ft under water clearly to the white sand.  I'm so lucky.

Haha so Elder Murdock broke Elder Barlow's bike our first day here lol.  It was pretty beaten up, and one of the big hills did it in.  It's okay though cause Barlow has a car in his new sector.  We will wait patiently until Murdock's bike arrives.  

Spiritual thought!!

One of my favorite scriptures is obviously Matthew 22:36-40.  Where Jesus explains the greatest 2 commandments are to love God, and others.  If we can get to the point where we can love God and others perfectly, our lives will be awesome.  I love the way Jesus phrases it, he says "thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself".  And I believe we should love our neighbors more than ourselves, and think of others first.  But I think maybe what Christ meant, was that we should look at life from the other person's point of view, and pretend we are in their situation.  That's a wonderful first step to learning to love them- Learning to understand them.

I love you all!

Have a great week
Elder Jenkins

Monday, May 22, 2017

Baptism baby - Tahaa

What a week!

Monday I was super sick so I slept and played chess with Elder Barlow all day cause it was also P day.  Our Tahitian mom gave me medicine.  Which here is Coke and lime juice.  But it works so hey! 

The Lord is setting us up with so many new people to teach and I'm so excited! It's really fantastic to find the children God has prepared for His Gospel.  We just gotta hope and pray that they will have the desire to read the BoM and pray!! After that, it's a piece of cake!  

I got to do a split with my zone leader on another island! What great fun.  We had a day of 0 success haha!  House to house and no one was there.  But, we learned a lot, from our experiences and the spirit.  God always has something more to teach you.  Always be open and ready.  

Recent revelations-

1) We show our faith by our actions.  If we really believe something, we'll act as if it's true.  I always ask myself if I really know if the Gospel is true, and I really hope I do, but sometimes have doubts.  But I realized, I just have to go out and do what I believe.  As long as I do what I'm supposed to and accomplish the will of the Lord, I can have the confidence that I am in the right path and have real faith.

2) We can pray always by acting as if God is always next to us/ watching us. (which He is).

3) We pray in Christ's name because we're supposed to pray for things that HE would pray for. 

4) Be grateful for every experience and trial you have.  Because they're exactly what you need to learn and become perfected in Christ.  If you follow His commandments and example, of course. 

5) God teaches us line upon line by small and simple works.  Learn to recognize His hand in your life.  And pray for that ability.

6) If you're ever scared by monsters in the dark, just play MJ's Thriller and all the monsters will start dancing and it's no longer scary.

Elder Barlow is getting transferred! Elder Murdock is coming.  He's pretty cool from what I hear, I'm excited.  I'll send pics.  

WE HAD A BAPTISM WOOHOO!  It was cool cause Elder Barlow got to baptize in the ocean!!!  She's a mom of 2 kids and was amazingly ready to receive the Gospel.  She has a strong testimony already and I love her and her family and hope they all get the Gospel too.  

Thank you all for being so lovely! Have an above average week!


Elder Jenkins

Bee Juice

Le baptême dans la mer!

I was a witness so I got to go in the ocean heheehehe



Tool pic ¯\_()_/¯

Monday, May 15, 2017

Happy Mother's Day! - Tahaa

Shoutout to Mothers everywhere- you are the best.  Keep up the stellar work.

Last week a crab made it into our house and we were too lazy to get it out so then we went shopping.  When we came back it had disappeared.  Then 3 hours later we found it halfway up the bathroom door and the wall.  #SpiderCrab

Went running for the first time in 5 months and yep it's still hard.

We were so blessed last week to find a woman who's like the most ready for baptism person I've ever seen, she just wants to change her life and follow God.  It's so inspiring.  She made an awesome comment, that if we really love God and Jesus Christ, following their commandments isn't even hard!  Overcoming trials is easy cause we can lean on the Savior and God's love.  SO AWESOME!

We saw a few ex Tahiti missionaries on vacation here and it just made me want to come back and visit! Then I realized I'm already here.  haha I love my life.

Elder Barlow got super sick on Saturday so we spent the whole day at home.  Mixed feelings, cause it was fun to relax, but also I felt so unproductive!  

Yesterday was AWESOME!!! I got to skype my family and it was the greatest thing ever. I love them.  

On the way to church, a mini miracle happened!  A french guy calls us over on the side of the road, and he looked pretty washed up, so we thought he was drunk and was gonna give us trash.  But he just asks, "do you guys have a Book of Mormon for me?"  And I was like YES!  Haha it was so awesome, just some guy, looking for truth, who felt drawn to ask us for a BoM.  He's super anxious to meet with us on Wednesday, he even called us to see if we could come sooner!! The Lord loves his children and prepares the way to eternal life.  Just gotta keep your eyes open and follow it when you find it. 

I love you all have a great week!

Elder Jenkins

Monday, May 8, 2017

what's up my friends - Tahaa

What's up my friends!

This week was fantastic. 

It started off with a visit from our Mission President, President Bize!! He's an awesome French guy who also speaks perfect English, and is a buisness mastermind.  So very professional.  

He came to our little chapel to do a family night with the whole branch! And he came dressed in a floural t shirt hahaha! He cracked jokes all night and everyone had a great uplifting experience with the family.  FAMILY NIGHTS ARE AMAZING AND SO IMPORTANT! Make em fun and learn the Gospel together.

We even got to do a split with him! That means he took us around in a little red Fiat rental and we visited some of our potential amis.  Miracles happened.  It's amazing the power the Holy Ghost can have on people. 

We met lots of fun people, a Tahitian grandma who got mad at me for not knowing how to speak Tahitian, but then I just explained that it's real hard and it's hard enough in French and ugh.  Haha then we talked and left best friends.  I love people.  We met the old mayor of our island!  He's mute now, but showed us pics of his grandkids and was happy.  So cute. 

Pray we don't get sick haha there's a big wave of "the dengue" (the dang haha)  coming through the islands haha and it sounds pretty bad.  

We deep cleaned our house but that lasted like 3 mins cause lizards poop on all of our possessions every day. 

So many more miracles! I'll share more next week.


Elder Jenkins

Monday, May 1, 2017

Great Week! - Tahaa

Great week!

My new bike brakes arrived from Tahiti so now when we go down hills I can stop when I need to without the sound of metal grinding against metal.  Brake pads don't stand a chance against these hills.

Lots of little miracles in finding people to teach.  We pray so much to find the people the Lord has prepared. And we are blessed so much to run into some of these wonderful brothers and sisters!

We had zone and stake conference this weekend!! So fun. Elder Nielsen from the 70 was here and just killed it.  He only speaks English so he had a translator and it was so fun to hear the difference in the languages with a translator! Especially when he would tell jokes that didn't translate hahaha and no one got it.

We got hit on by a drunk lady at the roulotte (kinda like a food truck).  Who was there with her husband.  And holding a baby.  The Word of Wisdom is a blessing folks.  

Spiritual thought!
I've been thinking a lot about faith recently, and it's helped a lot.  Like thinking about this gospel, the book of mormon, God, etc.  And even us missionaries struggle with faith and such when there's a lot of discouragement or lack of success.  But it got me thinking, either this Gospel is real or it's not.  Either God exists or He doesn't. etc.  So the real question is? Do you believe it or not?  And if you do, make sure you live your life 100% in accordance with that belief.  Cause that's what faith requires.  And then you can sit back and watch the blessings flow into your life.  I know Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and can heal us and make us stronger and better if we turn to Him and keep his commandments.

I love you all!!

atl, Elder Jenkins

Monday, April 24, 2017

Looking up! - Tahaa

First off, a cocroach made it into my laundry and got ripped into peices so I had to sort out cocroach parts for like 10 mins out of my clothes.  And I only found half of it... SO we'll find out this week where all the other parts/legs are!

Things are looking up!! We've been working really hard since January for success, but with little luck.  I'm in what's rumored to be the hardest sector of the mission, (pretty much cause of the biking lol) but the Lord continues to bless us!! We have a lot of potential amis who are so close to baptism!! PRAY FOR THE PEOPLE OF TAHAA!!

Someone made us pizza <3

We made cookies!!! I'm getting fat.  Help.

Spiritual thought!!
God loves us.  We are His children and He sent us here so we can be happy and be like Him.  BUT in order to become like Him, we have to let Him help us.  And that means giving up all our sins, desires etc nessissary (no spell check I'm sorry plz forgive)  in order to follow His commandments and the path that He has set for us.  If we give Him our hearts, He will turn us into something better that we could ever imagine to be.

I LOVE YOU ALL!! Keep writing I love ur updates


Elder Jenkins

Monday, April 17, 2017


Today is 8 months on a mission!!! CRAZY!  and 6 months in TAHITI!! HOW NEAT!

Not much this week.  Lots of hard work. Elder Barlow and I are stickin together for at least another 6 weeks, which is good.  

I continue to get fatter despite the biking, which continues to astound me.

It took us like 20 mins to kill one of the giant spiders that made it into our house cause they're so fast and we were almost late for a lesson. Demon spawns, those spiders.

We made cookies this week! From scratch and everything! And we gave them to our amis and they LOVED THEM! Haha in the words of another missionary, "Food has a power here in Polynesia."  And it's so true.  

We taught our English class how to say "awesome possum"  

Spiritual thought!! 
I hope you all had a great Easter!! Being on a mission has made me so grateful for our Savior.  Cause I've been quite humbled and I realize I have A LOT of faults.  But because of Jesus Christ I know that we can change and that one day we will all be resurrected.  DEATH HAS NO VICTORY.  I'm so happy to know that this is true and that I can live with my loved ones and be happy forever.
I encourage you all to take a moment to study the life of the Savior and read the Book of Mormon. It will bless you bless you bless you.

All the loves,

Elder Jenkins

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Another fantastic week!!

We visited the Marae, or ancient human sacrificing grounds last monday with the missionaries at Reiateia- island right next to us. Twas neat.  Had some coconut icecream

We fixed our water heater! Had a hot shower for the first time in 3 months. 

We got to an ami's house a little early last week, and they didn't seem to be there, so we waited about 20 mins for our 3:00 appointment and played with their dog out front.  Then after those 20 mins someone yelled out of the house "NO ONE"S HOME!!"  And we were pretty bummed and left but then we saw our amis down the street haha! So they actually are still interested.  BLESSINGS

We gave a blessing to a little baby who would not keep still haha but she was happy and smiling and just wanted to know why we were placing our hands on her head.  

Spiritual thought!! 
Realizing more and more the importance of following God's will.  Which is actually not the same as our will a lot of the time.  But God loves us.  He knows us better than we know ourselves. And especially more than our friends know us. If we take real effort to follow His plan and keep his commandments He will lead us to real happiness.  I've seen this first and second hand so much here in Polynesia and I know that it's real.  Follow the Prophet's most recent council and read the Book of Mormon.  EVERY DAY JUST DO IT IT"S WORTH IT!!!


Elder Jenkins

Monday, April 3, 2017

Tout est bien - Tahaa

The body is weak, but the spirit is strong.

Haha crazy week!  So we did splits with the zone leaders on another island, and with General Conference starting at 6am here, I got to wake up before 5 for 5 days in a row haha!  wonderful.  Is my body falling apart? yes.  But also had a super great spiritual week!

There's gonna be a big race this saturday all over the roads/mountains and like everyone is gonna race in it! Haha unfortunately idk if we missionaries are allowed to, but I'm super stoked to see our friends!  And hope no one dies of heat stroke.

The splits with the other missionaries were great! we have to bike like 40 mins to get to the boat dock by 6:30 (hence waking up before 5) and then take the boat to the other island to exchange companions, then take the boat back. But slight problem, when we came back from the other island, the boat took us to the other side of our island! Like 3 hours walking distance from our bikes! Haha so we had an adventure walking all day instead of bike riding.  And that's pretty physically draining. But luckily an awesome member drove us back to our bikes at the end of the day so we could ride back to the boat dock the next morning!

We've had octopus a few times at a member's house and it's pretty good!  Except now I'm pretty scared to eat it, cause someone told us it makes you lose hair haha! Like we can't throw it out to the dogs or they'll lose their fur!

We had a Conference with our mission president and it was awesome!! So spiritual.  
Touched by a verse he shared "For I CAME ON A MISSION to do, not my will, but the will of He who sent me.  That's in John 6 I believe.  And changed words a lil bit. But it's really inspiring and reminds me that I made this decision to serve the Lord, in spite of all the hard times or selfish desires, I need to put Him first.  And I've started stepping up my game and am already seeing blessings.  

GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!!!! Guys.  Do you realize how cool General Conference is.  It's literally the most important 2 days out of your 6 months.  Amazing.  I loved all the talks.  Of course, we watched the live French translated version, so I didn't understand all of it, but I still got a lot out of it and just want to watch it all again!  Conference is amazing because no matter who you are or what sticky situation you're in, there is a message for you hidden in the talks of prophets and disciples. I invite you all to watch conference if you missed it, or reread/watch the talks that you enjoyed. I know with certainty that these men and women are called of God and that the Church of Jesus Christ is on the earth today.

Cool experience! So we've been teaching a lady for a while and she's been doin well, reading the Book of Mormon and trying to stop smoking.  She received an answer from God that the Book of Mormon is true and she was ready to make the decision to get baptized!  But unfortunately a member in our branch went over to visit her and was a bit too direct in her encouragement to get baptized, and she got offended and told us she no longer wanted to join the church or continue the lessons.  But Elder Barlow (companion), being the stud he is just goes "And how are you doing with cigarettes?" haha so basically we just ignored it and once she calmed down we taught her about forgiveness and how we're all imperfect, but also family and we need to love each other.  And we totally saw a miracle cause her heart completely changed and she decided to forgive the lady who offended her so badly and continue reading the Book of Mormon.  I'm sure she'll soon be ready to join Christ's church and experience the wonderful blessings it brings into our lives.

I love you all! have a great week!!
Elder Jenkins

Monday, March 27, 2017

Hey it's me! - Tahaa

Some of the senior missionaries took our can of gas, so we had to go without cooking for a few days haha but now it's back and we may feast!! It's pretty hard to cook eggs in microwaves...
It was actually the couple's last meeting with us at our house last Friday, so we had a crepe party! (thank you mom for teaching me how to make crepes)

There are fun trucks that drive around and sell lots of stuff.  I call them the "everything but ice-cream trucks.  

Mens motab is the current jam.

I slipped and dropped a glass bottle and it shattered all over our kitchen floor this week lol.  But thanks to tender mercies I didn't even get cut!  How neat!

Spiritual thought!
God is there.  Many times on my mission I feel like either God isn't listening or is deciding to give me lots of trials on purpose.  But I know that we just gotta keep working on our faith.  If we have any problems that need solving, start by working on our faith.  God works in mysterious ways, that's for sure, but everything happens for a reason, and trials are often blessings.  

Elder Jenkins 

But behold, all things have been done in the wisdom of him who knoweth all things.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Fun Week! - Tahaa

Things are going well!  Sometimes a bit frustrating with amis haha.  We taught a man last monday and we really had high hopes for him.  Twice we felt totally prompted to go see him and turns out that both times were in direct responses to his prayers!  So we taught him monday, explained the restoration of the gospel, (how we know the true church/ priesthood/ prophet etc is on the earth again) and it went well.  At least we thought.  Cause at the end of the lesson he invited us to come to his church! :)...  We tried to explain that we kinda have already found the truth and it's our job to invite people into Christ's church and he just goes "pray about it!"...
So three days later he shows up at our house for our answer and we said no, since our churches started at the same time, and he got a little frustrated and returned the book of mormon we gave him.  I wish him the best.  

One lady invited us to do a lesson out of nowhere and we were super stoked! Turns out she just wanted us two americans to keep her company while she ate lunch lol.  

There was a mouse living in our house, but don't worry, we killed it.  

Apparently the one and only  Barack Obama is in Tahiti right now so we're praying to get a selfie with him.

Made a mixtape of hymns for some amis cause they love motab.  

A little girl from across the street had her 8th birthday and came over all by herself to give us cake! Cutest thing ever. 

Things are good! hope ya'll are great!!!

Elder Jenkins

Monday, March 13, 2017

Mr. Pig - Tahaa

Haha being a missionary is awesome but so hard lol. 
I keep thinking that I'm getting worse at French, but really I'm just getting to the point where I realize how bad I am/was lol.  But ca va!

Sometimes you just gotta trust that the Lord will bless you for trying.  The other day was unusually hot and we biked for hours just to visit people who weren't home or weren't interested.  Felt pretty defeated that day, but I'm sure the Lord is just lining up something awesome.  

We preformed our little choir number and I was the mistro and felt so cool.

Mr. pig won't leave us alone.  We found him outside our gate with a broken rope attached to his leg. So we walked him home and the owner was grateful.  "One time on my mission I walked a pig down the street."

 We eat eggs as soon as we recieve them.  Cause they're pretty much the only thing I know how to cook. But my companion told me I can't eat 12 of them for breakfast anymore.  Darn.  

Fun fact: sin makes you sad and God makes you happy. 

You guys are the greatest.  Keep being studdly muffins. 

have a fabulous week.  <3 <3


Elder Jenkins

Sweaty selfie with puppy/ only recent picture with me in it

Eatin tupas. :P

Paradise pt. 9012472

Monday, March 6, 2017

I CAN'T EVEN - Tahaa

I just can't. Literally this week has been filled with more drama than my Jr. year of high school.  Insane.

But many good things happened this week as well. 

I played with several small animals, including a puppy who thought my pants were an item of tug of war. 

We had a solid lesson with a guy where he shared that he had a child die before it was born.  We were able to tell him that he can totally see his kid again and he lit up and got so happy.  He was like "so you mean I'll be able to be with him? And I'll be able to do stuff with him?" And he was crying and it was way too cute and spiritual. I love the mission.  My heart is full. 

We ate tupas.  I'll send a pic.

Got to play some chess this week which I totally miss. 

Got to go to another island for a zone meeting, and talk with other missionaries.   

Thank you all who take the time to write me, you are angels.  I wish a fantastic week for you all, God bless you,


Elder Jenkins

Monday, February 27, 2017


So first things first, Juliana and Sofia are totally getting baptized!! They know the church is true, and they decided that they have control of their lives, not their family.  So they're getting baptized Saturday. THEY"RE SO STRONG AND AMAZING

Sometimes the Lord just decides to bless you for no reason.  It's incredible. Cool experience, 
We sat down for a first lesson with this leader in another church, and we were gonna teach him about the book of mormon/ joseph smith etc the restoration of the gospel.  And we get talking and I hear this voice going "plan de salut" (plan of salvation). over and over.  And I realized we needed to change the lesson plan to that.  And right before I could ask my companion what he thought of changing the lesson, the guy we're teaching looks up and says "is it true that there is a life after death?"  HAHAHAHA And I about died cause that's exactly the question that the plan of salvation answers!!  We taught him and he was super touched.  After the lesson apparently my companion had the same thought to do the plan of salvation as well!  The spirit is real, and so aweseome.  

We're also teaching a guy who has been progressing so well, getting over drug addictions, praying etc, when suddenly he just dissapeared.  We couldn't find him and we kept noticing people in his house pretending they weren't there when we stopped by.  So we were super bummed that he was avoiding us, cause he was doing so well!! Then just last saturday we saw him, and turns out he was just super busy with work!  We did a lesson and he had read like over 10 chapters in the book of mormon all by himself, and he was like super buff! Haha apparently ever since he stopped drugs he gained the ability to get ripped.  SO AWESOME!  He's so happy recently and I can totally see a difference in his life. I LOVE THE GOSPEL. 

I sat on a coconut for a chair for 1.5 hrs for a lesson entirely in Tahitian the other day.  Haha sacrifices bring blessings.  

ALSO! Anyone who sent me a Christmas card, YOU ARE ALL SO AWESOME!!!! I absolutely LOVE hearing about and seeing you all!! You all look fantastic.  I loves ya. 

The work continues, adventures everyday.  Have a great week!!

Elder Jenkins

Monday, February 20, 2017

6 MONTHS!!!! - Tahaa

Hey erryone!

the 17th was my official 6 month mark, Crazy!  That's a quarter of my mission!  Going by way too fast. 

We explored the water last p day!! We're allowed to go up to our knees, so we had fun and waded around the knee deep parts.  Which actually go way far out into the water haha.  I almost caught a crab, but it pinched me and it hurt and I dropped it lol.  

Not much really happened this week, but!  If you have the time, please pray for Juliana and Sofia! They're two awesome amis, sisters, about 60 years old who LOVE to sing.  We met them cause my companion plays piano really well, and they just happened to own a piano that they didn't know how to play!  But they are ready for baptism, the only problem is their brother DOES NOT want them to.  So pray super lots to soften his heart, cause these two sisters are SO READY for the Gospel.  

I love you all!!! have a great week,

Elder Jenkins

Monday, February 13, 2017

Elder Jenkins - Tahaa

So my companion's bike is slowly dying, so we did a lot of walking this week lol.  But not even bad!  Sometimes when you're movin too fast you forget to stop and look around.  We saw a stingray!!

We started a ward choir thingy and my companion plays piano and since I know sort of how to sight sing sheet music they elected me as mistro.  So I get to lead this huge group of Tahitians singing hymns hahaha it's the greatest.  

Met some tourists from Jerusalem and they were like hey missionaries!!! and I quote "we don't know much about you guys but we saw the play." hahaha oh no.  

My comp and I have opera battles in French.  Also lots of 2000's pop songs. We're so cool.

We found ourselves a large hermit crab and named him Ernie.  He's actually pretty gross and looks like a spider.  But we love him anyways. <3 <3 <3

Friday we took a boat to another island for zone conference!! It was such a fun day.  We totally got "tom saywered" by some dude making leaf decorations, and we helped him out.  We saw so many other missionaries and it was so fun to talk to them all!! Learned a lot too.  Mission presidents are so wise holy cow.  

I love our amis.  It's so awesome to see them turn their lives around from sitting around doing drugs all day to working, and loving their families and the Lord.  The chruch is so true and the gospel is so real.  

I got to jam with some tahitian homies on the guitar and uke and I miss that.  People are awesome. 

I've learned to ride my bike with no handlebars very well, so now I'm able to take my little french hymnbook with me and sing on my bike as we ride to our lessons.  

This is all.  I love ya'll.  Have a great week.

Elder Jenkins

Monday, February 6, 2017


I was laying in our hammock last monday, while eating bananas and nutella, underneath coconut trees in paradise, and I realized that I lucked out with my mission hahaha.  

I love this island.  never wanna leave.  We're teaching so many awesome people and I love bringing them more and more joy everyday.

Mostly my companion and I just sing pop songs from middle school and try to eat a lot of food.  And also do the Lord's work.

Ate 9 eggs for breakfast the other day. My life is so exciting.

So many miracles.  I wish I could tell them all.  Even just today, it was raining hardcore and we knew we were gonna get soaked while riding our bikes to go shopping for our weekly food supply. And then a scripture popped into my head "demandez, et vous recevrez" or "ask and you shall be given".  And so I said a humble prayer asking God to stop the rain just for while we were riding our bikes.  And He did!  Crazy dumping rain went totally calm and we went to the store.  Then we got back to our house and it started again haha! So I prayed again that we'd arrive to the chapel without getting soaked.  And as soon as we got on our bikes the rain stopped again.  GOD LOVES US AND ANSWERS OUR PRAYERS!!!!

I love you all, keep being good.


Elder Jenkins

peeps from papeete

Momma Cathy

Mami Yvonne


animal pics

Mr Pig


lizards and spiders errywhere

taaha pics

First day with Elder Barlow!


life pics


so.  much.  food.  

Monday, January 30, 2017

Day 172 - Tahaa

Hello my fellow brothers and sisters.  How go you this fine day?

We are having a nice emailing/ pianoing session rn, and will then return to the house to clean, because there a millions of lizards (who eat all the spiders(who eat all the mosquitoes(who eat us))) that poop on everything. I have successfully ant prooffed our house tho, using a large can of OFF! spray.  Somehow it works hahaha.

Abandoned fashion this week haha.  It's too hard to try to look fancy when there's always dirt and sweat everywhere.  

I'll never get over how insanely gorgeous this island is.  Sometimes we're biking and I just have to pull over to take in the view.  I'm very blessed.

People are way too generous.  The Lord is just throwing us blessings out of the sky.  Free haircuts, free food all the time, one woman brought us two huge bags of groceries one morning for no reason. I LOVE PEOPLE.

The new goal is to make people cry during lessons.  We're getting pretty good.  (Meaning the spirit is really good) #gottastayhumble

Found an old guy jamming some jazz guitar the other day, so we had a nice chat about music and religion and such.  The mission is the greatest thing ever.

SO turns out you can get fat while biking like 2 hours a day.  Just eat insane amounts of calories! Haha we might die from how much food we eat honestly.  And the fact that people keep giving it to us free doesn't help.  We were hungry for lunch one day, and thought "should we go get lunch or just trust that someone's gonna give us food again?" and I'm like "nah let's just get lunch".  And so we ate.  And then after our next lesson, the investigator's like "Oh ya I made you food", and pulls out: a huge chocolate cake, a banana pie, 2 big bottles of soda, and a bowl of chips.  I almost died.  It was so hard to eat hahaha.  I think I need to stop praying for energy.  

Gave a talk in church yesterday! I think my French is good enough now for everyone to understand completely.  I hope.  T'was about faith.  Maybe I'lll talk about it next week.

Song of the day #172 that I can't listen to is "silhouettes" by colony house. Go give a listen and dance around for me.

Spiritual thought!
I've decided that the spirit is like magic.  Does anyone remember in the 6th harry potter, Harry drinks some fancy "luck" potion, and he immediatly has some crazy idea to visit Hagrid even though that has nothing to do with their quest.  But somehow visiting Hagrid put them in exactly the right place at the right time to keep moving on with the quest.  That's like the spirit and missionary work/life.  So many times we have little thoughts to do things that make no sense, but if it's the spirit we'd better listen.  Cause God's the only one who knows how it's all gonna play out in the end. And everytime we follow it, miracles happen. That's why it's so important to keep the commandments/ take the sacrament etc.  So we will always have the spirit to tell us what we need to do.  It's awesome to know that God's there for us to help us out in this crazy little thing called life.


Elder Jenkins

Monday, January 23, 2017

Wowzers!! - Tahaa

This island is crazy!!  It rains like nobody's buisness!! Quite nuts.  We've gotten completely drenched quite a bit, but it's all good!! :D  Better than the hot sun for me.

We found a local bakery and they make pastery's and baguettes and cocobread which is amazing and my new obsession.  

We are going nuts with our diet cause we've decided we want to get huge.  Hahaha we've started eating as much as possible to try to counter how much biking we do. I ate three steaks yesterday among my other meals.  Oh dear. We'll see how that goes.

We eat everything in our house, and sometimes we experiment.  Tried some nice hot koolaid and hot limeaid the other day.  Not too bad!

We taught this woman a really powerful lesson, and turns out she's a masseus! She offered to give us free massages cause she felt the spirit so much hahaha!  But unfortunately we had to turn her down. After the mission for sure!!

The Gospel is amazing.  And very important.  It's awesome to teach people the answers to life's questions, like what's the purpose of life? Where will we go after we die? Cause IT"S IMPORTANT.  That determines everything we do here on earth!! Luckily we know the answers and we have the comfort of knowing we have a plan to be happy for ever and ever.  I LOVE THE GOSPEL

Have a great week, atl,
Elder Jenkins

Monday, January 16, 2017


It has been a WEEK!

I took two small planes and a boat ride just after emailing you all last week.  All the way to Tahaa.  My lovely new island.  
Tahaa is crazy.  So pretty.  We can always see the ocean.  There is a single road that goes around the entire shoreline, and it is so so fun to bike on.  
I feel like I'm living in a mix of Utah mountains and California.  It's amazing.  We live in a bay that reminds me so much of lake Jordanelle if ya'lls know where that is.  I just wanna go boating so bad!!
It rains here.  A lot haha like everynight is a hurricane it's so cool.  
We bike here.  A LOT.  Haha my companion and I live alone in a nice little house, although we don't have hot water (bummer).  And our sector is literally over HALF THE ILSAND.  And sometimes we just go seashore biking to get to our investigators houses, but sometimes we have to cut through the mountains, and that means HILLS.  So much for getting fat on the mission.  Sport tout les jours!

My new comp is awesome! Elder Barlow, from Washington state.  American, speaks english haha.  So weird to have normal english conversations.  And he's taller than me!! So we are two oddballs here in Tahiti, two tall white guys with shirts and ties.  It's awesome and everyone loves us. 

We eat at little roulottes a lot (food trucks) cause a member owns one and gives us free food. I love people.  

We were awoken a few days ago by a large pig walking into our house.  (we leave all the doors open cause no AC) And it took a while to make it leave hahaha.

There are millions of tupas.  Little crabs.  They're so odd. 

Super stoked, French is coming!  This week I've started realizing moments where I'm thinking or speaking in French without realizing it.  LE DON DES LANGUES EST VRAI.  

Slip a lot in mud cause so much rain, and one lady kept making comments about how I'm Michael Jackson now lol.  I don't know if me sliding in mud is comparable to the moonwalk, but I'll take it.

Second day here walked for 10 miles around a large part of our sector and got some nice 2nd degree sunburns.  

I'm so excited to do the work here.  We are pretty much starting from 0, we don't have anyone to teach yet really.  But we've made so much progress in one week.  This island has so much to offer.  It's rough, but so worth it.  Everyday is a new adventure and harder/ more fufilling than the previous.  

The church is so true.  It's insane how many blessings/ miracles we see.  
Jesus once explained, that we should first and foremost search the kingdom of God, and all our other needs will be placed before us.  (food, money, etc)  And that is unreasonably true here on the mission.  We don't even need to worry about our food cause we can always count on some random person giving us food every day. Everything just works out so nicely.  We are God's children.  He loves us and won't let us go hungry/ without our needs if we are doing His will.
SO make sure you are all keeping your priorities in line and first serving God! Cause He has the power to give you everything else you need!!

All the loves, 

Elder Jenkins

Monday, January 9, 2017

I'm leaving Tahiti. :(

Bad news and good news.

Bad news, I'm leaving Tahiti.


Haha got the news a few days ago.  I'll be heading to an island called Tahaa, and it. sounds. amazing.  It's right next to Bora Bora, like you can see Bora from Tahaa.  So I'm expecting paradise lol.  Should be a nice switch up from Papeete, cause I was, in fact, hoping to see beaches and such during my two years as a Tahitian.  Oh, speaking of, they speak mostly Tahitian over there apparently, so that'll be great.  5 months and I'm finally starting to feel good with French, and now I gotta start all over again hahaha.  But I'll get it eventually.  My new companion is an American who is taller than I am, and I feel like we'll get along.  Haha I'm really excited.  This island is apparently really tough, both with the work, and with how much biking uphill we will do.  But I'm determined to get the Lord's work DONE!  If we get 100 baptisms with Bora Bora we will form a STAKE on Bora Bora!! SO COOL.

IT WAS SO HARD TO SAY GOODBYE TO EVERYONE.  Goodness it was like leaving home all over again!  Our amazing amis who have made such awesome progress in changing and improving their lives.  I love them all so much ahhhhhh. It was difficult to say goodbye.  Probs the hardest was an ami named Jean, who is just such a stud.  He's a crazy good boxer and just a quality guy.  When we said goodbye he offered to give me his ukulele haha!  I was tempted, but I love him too much and he does enjoy his ukulele.  The people here are amazing.  So stoked to meet more in Tahaa.

In other news, saw the literal biggest spider of my life the other day.  Unreasonable.

I'll send lots of pics soon, ya'll are the greatest.

All the loves,

Elder Jenkins

Monday, January 2, 2017


Not too much this week, and little time, but the mission is toujour top!!

We went to the temple this week!! so so cool.  I love the temple, so grateful for one here in Tahiti.

My companions bike broke, so we take turns dragging each other on  my bike that works haha.  We get a lot of strange looks. And good exercise!! :D

We made crepes this week and I eat them everyday.

My trainer is a brat lol. Cool experience, we were trying to figure out what to teach one of our amis, Jean, and we were praying/ thinking hard.  My companion was like, lets teach him about Noah's ark and Ether in the Book of Mormon to get him interested in the scriptures.  And I'm like what the heck are you talking about that doesn't make any sense.  After a while the thought popped into my head- temple sealing.  And I knew it was right.  And my companion was like Finally!!!! ANd I said what do you mean?  He explained that he was thinking the same thing the whole time, he just wanted to see if I would listen to the spirit, which was saying "temple sealing", and trying to test me by leading me off track.  Haha I wanted to punch him but it was pretty cool.  THE SPIRIT OF GOD LIKE A FIRE IS BURNING.

 Elder Jenkins