Monday, July 16, 2018

last transfer - Papenoo

What a week.  Missions are truly the best things ever. God is teaching me so much these
last few weeks of my mission.  I love it. It makes me want to do better and be better. That's
the gospel for ya, as they say, it makes bad people good and good people better.  People
are awesome. I love people.

It’s fun seeing people from my old sectors!  Since Tahiti's pretty small, every time we go out
of our little sector I usually see someone I know haha!  

The last transfer of my mission starts today.  I said goodbye to Elder Sorenson, and
welcomed Elder Jeppson from Draper into our sector of Papenoo.  He seems super
cool and we both served in the same sector in Tahaa! I miss all them too!

Also we might be training someone? We got a call from the assistants like 20mins ago.
 idk we'll see tomorrow.

I love the Gospel. It's helped me learn so much, become a better person and really just be
so much happier.  It just shows you the better path. As Elder Holland says, "a more excellent

I cant believe its coming to an end. It’s scary honestly.  The closer it gets the more I don’t
really want to leave. I’m finally becoming the best Elder Jenkins of my whole mission and
now they want to send me home!  Not fair. I LOVE THE TAHITI PAPEETE MISSION!

And I love you all <3

Elder Jenkins

Monday, July 9, 2018

FIVE dollar foot long FIVE hundred miles Maroon FIVE etc - Papenoo

FIVE WEEKS!!  Man that went by fast.  

This week was great.  We both got sick and so that was a bummer but then we got better and we're ready to roll.

We went to the temple this week!  I LOVE the temple! So we were supposed to go on thursday, and all the elders of our zone came with.  I was the last to enter cause I just wanted to admire the gardens and paintings and whatnot and then I finally went in.  Once I arrived at the front desk, I handed my recommend to the temple worker and he says, "oh, Im so sorry sir, in fact, your temple recommend expired five days ago." FIVE DAYS!  So I just chilled in the lobby while everyone went it so sad for Elder Jenkins.

But the next day I had my interview with President Fox and We were able to go the next day with our two recent converts for their first time doing baptisms!  SO SO COOL!! I love the temple.

GO TO THE TEMPLE IT WILL BLESS YOU!  Blessings include: Happiness, patience, guidence, respect, love for others and the Lord, peace, increased desire to do good, better relationships with others and the Lord, protection from evil and temptations, increase in knowladge, deeper understanding of God's plan, and of course, ETERNAL FAMILIES!!!!  (and much much more)

I am so grateful for our Heavenly Father's plan and the possibility to be with my family forever.  The church is true.  The book of mormon is true.  Read it.  If youve already read it then read it again.  I recently made the promise to read the Book of Mormon every day for the rest of my life.  Because I know that way I can be blessed and happy every day for the rest of my life.


Elder Jenkins

Monday, July 2, 2018

mamu elder - Papenoo

Hello! This week was great.  My comp is sick, which is unfortunate and he refuses to sleep because he is filled with the spirit of the Lord.  But now Im getting sick…

Our baptism from last week went with us a ton this week to go do lessons and such and it was so fun! He told us he had lots of fun and it really helped him.  MISSIONARY WORK IS A BLESSING!

Saturday we baptized his cousin! So fun.  I don't often teach people my age but those two guys are so cool and I feel like were all just buddies!  He'll come with us too this week on splits.  We're unofficially training two new missionaries.

I am so happy for the Gospel in my life!  This week at sacrament meeting was super fun.  One can have many feelings while taking the sacrament, but this week the most powerful one was joy!  I just felt so happy!  Cause I know that the Atonement of Jesus Christ covers everything and no matter what we can always try and try again.  Sins can be washed away, we can be clean, happier, more confident, and better day after day.  Its all thanks to our Savior.  HAPPY

all the loves

Elder Jenkins

Monday, June 25, 2018

A chicken laid an egg on our dryer - Papenoo

What a week!  This sector is awesome.  We're finding so much success and people are so great and nice!! The car is wonderful I forgot how much I like cars.  

Saturday we were so happy to see Tema be baptized! Hes 19 and is thinking about a mission! Then Sunday in Sunday school we took some of our amis aside for a special class about how faith can help them work miracles to remove their "family blocks" that are preventing them to be baptized and at the end, one of our newer amis who is 17 told us that he really felt the spirit during the lesson and wants to be baptized this saturday!  So cool. 

We are having success but there are always trials.  And if there is one thing I've learned that is important to have success in missionary work that is humility.  For example, the Book of Mormon does a great job of showing us how dangerous pride is, cause every time people get prideful they get destroyed (cut off from the presence of the Lord).  Sometimes on a mission when you start having great success you forget where all the success is coming from.  (Heavenly Father). Cause He's nice and wants to bless His children.  But I think I'm finally learning that even in times of difficulty and even in times of success we need to be very humble and grateful and lean on God's grace like it's our only hope. (Cause it is). 

I'm grateful for this gospel.  I know it's true.  Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer and has power to lift us up.  BUT we've got to be humble enough to accept His help and listen to Him and pray with all our strength.
Ua here au ia outou!  

Elder Jenkins

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

new area - Papenoo

Papenoo is so cool!  Very different. Tahiti but not downtown.  Right next to black sand beaches with waves!  I haven't seen waves since America.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Bye Bye Bora Bora

Elder Jenkins has returned to Tahiti.  I took a plane this morning and ohhh that was hard to say goodbye.  Bora will always have a piece of my heart.  This week we had so much fun with our amis, cause I knew I was gonna get transferred. So we didn't waste any time!  

I'm gonna miss all the people so much!  Some of the nicest folks in the world.  

Now I'm in Mahina at Tahiti, The Papenoo ward!  I'm super stoked.  I'm serving with Elder Sorenson from Logan Utah, he's been out for nine months.  Its gonna be awesome.

I'll let you all know how its going next week!  But it looks like were gonna have some awesome fun here.  Also I have a car!! First time on the mission. 

all the loves

Elder Jenkins