Monday, March 19, 2018

5 months - Bora Bora

No group email from Elder Ethan this week, but here are some bits from my letter:

So emails are on an iPad so idk how to do this help. I am good and am with elder Irvine who went to Alta.

I miss you guys all so much! It’s weird. Home seems so close. Like I can totally imagine going to Owens play. I have 5 months what the heck. 

We baptisés a kid Saturday and there was a rainbow 🌈 yay.  We have so much work. We teach like at least 5 lessons a day. Wednesday we have 8. There is no breathe time. A bunch of Mormons from Provo came to church and after they saw us on our bikes and cheered us on and I felt so famous. 

I love you!  Elder Ethan

Monday, March 12, 2018

transfers!!! - Bora Bora

This week was so great!! I seriously love all these people so much.  It's so fun once you become real friends with your investigators and all the members it just feels like you have a giant tahitian family.  

Im staying in my wonderful ward of Faanui but my comp is leaving to the sector next door.  My new comp arrives wednesday.

We were supposed to do a hike today but Im sick and that is fiu. 

We had an awesome activity with the ward and played volleyball and footsal and it was great.  

I love missions because by teaching the gospel it allows you to understand the gospel so much deeper.    I love teaching repentance because repentance is great hahaha.  Alma 34 32.  

I love you all!!!  Have a great week!!

Elder Jenkins

Monday, March 5, 2018

hi! - Bora Bora

Im sorry literally no time cause we have family night


Elder Jenkins

Monday, February 26, 2018

SICK DUDE! - Bora Bora

Everyone got sick this week. BUT NOT ME WOOHOO!!!

BUT four out of the six elders were out for several days so I got to do lots of splits and go in the car!! Man I LOVE THE CAR!  So less tiring than les bicyclettes.  

We did a hike today!  It's finally good weather yay!!  

Spiritual thought!!! I invite you all to be very grateful in your prayers and to pray lots for other people.  I have found that I am happiest when I pray often, say thanks more than please, and focus my blessings on those who need them. Prayers are so neat!  #alldayeveryday

All the loves

Elder Jenkins

Bora Baby

Hike with Moearii! (feat. Elder Ward)

Monday, February 19, 2018

Rain! - Bora Bora

Good thing I like rain because wowzers.  E UA! (its raining)

The work is good.  Life is good.  Not much news this week.  

Spiritually, life is awesome.  The older I get out here the happier I seem to be.  Because I realize more and more every day that I am a child of God and that thinking of and loving others makes you happy. 

all the loves

Elder Jenkins

Monday, February 5, 2018

Rain rain go away - Bora Bora

So ever since my new comp showed up it's rained every day.  Which makes things difficult when we have to hike mountains through mud in flip flops to get to our lessons haha.

We've been going non stop on finding and teaching and the Lord is blessing us so much! I seriously love this work so much.  

You are all children of a Heavenly Father and you all have an amazing potential! Have faith in Christ and believe in yourself and you can accomplish great things.  God wants us to multiply our talents so that we can bless others. So go learn something new this week and then use that new talent to do something nice for someone you know.  

Elder Jenkins