Monday, March 6, 2017

I CAN'T EVEN - Tahaa

I just can't. Literally this week has been filled with more drama than my Jr. year of high school.  Insane.

But many good things happened this week as well. 

I played with several small animals, including a puppy who thought my pants were an item of tug of war. 

We had a solid lesson with a guy where he shared that he had a child die before it was born.  We were able to tell him that he can totally see his kid again and he lit up and got so happy.  He was like "so you mean I'll be able to be with him? And I'll be able to do stuff with him?" And he was crying and it was way too cute and spiritual. I love the mission.  My heart is full. 

We ate tupas.  I'll send a pic.

Got to play some chess this week which I totally miss. 

Got to go to another island for a zone meeting, and talk with other missionaries.   

Thank you all who take the time to write me, you are angels.  I wish a fantastic week for you all, God bless you,


Elder Jenkins

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