Monday, May 22, 2017

Baptism baby - Tahaa

What a week!

Monday I was super sick so I slept and played chess with Elder Barlow all day cause it was also P day.  Our Tahitian mom gave me medicine.  Which here is Coke and lime juice.  But it works so hey! 

The Lord is setting us up with so many new people to teach and I'm so excited! It's really fantastic to find the children God has prepared for His Gospel.  We just gotta hope and pray that they will have the desire to read the BoM and pray!! After that, it's a piece of cake!  

I got to do a split with my zone leader on another island! What great fun.  We had a day of 0 success haha!  House to house and no one was there.  But, we learned a lot, from our experiences and the spirit.  God always has something more to teach you.  Always be open and ready.  

Recent revelations-

1) We show our faith by our actions.  If we really believe something, we'll act as if it's true.  I always ask myself if I really know if the Gospel is true, and I really hope I do, but sometimes have doubts.  But I realized, I just have to go out and do what I believe.  As long as I do what I'm supposed to and accomplish the will of the Lord, I can have the confidence that I am in the right path and have real faith.

2) We can pray always by acting as if God is always next to us/ watching us. (which He is).

3) We pray in Christ's name because we're supposed to pray for things that HE would pray for. 

4) Be grateful for every experience and trial you have.  Because they're exactly what you need to learn and become perfected in Christ.  If you follow His commandments and example, of course. 

5) God teaches us line upon line by small and simple works.  Learn to recognize His hand in your life.  And pray for that ability.

6) If you're ever scared by monsters in the dark, just play MJ's Thriller and all the monsters will start dancing and it's no longer scary.

Elder Barlow is getting transferred! Elder Murdock is coming.  He's pretty cool from what I hear, I'm excited.  I'll send pics.  

WE HAD A BAPTISM WOOHOO!  It was cool cause Elder Barlow got to baptize in the ocean!!!  She's a mom of 2 kids and was amazingly ready to receive the Gospel.  She has a strong testimony already and I love her and her family and hope they all get the Gospel too.  

Thank you all for being so lovely! Have an above average week!


Elder Jenkins

Bee Juice

Le baptême dans la mer!

I was a witness so I got to go in the ocean heheehehe



Tool pic ¯\_()_/¯

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