Monday, May 8, 2017

what's up my friends - Tahaa

What's up my friends!

This week was fantastic. 

It started off with a visit from our Mission President, President Bize!! He's an awesome French guy who also speaks perfect English, and is a buisness mastermind.  So very professional.  

He came to our little chapel to do a family night with the whole branch! And he came dressed in a floural t shirt hahaha! He cracked jokes all night and everyone had a great uplifting experience with the family.  FAMILY NIGHTS ARE AMAZING AND SO IMPORTANT! Make em fun and learn the Gospel together.

We even got to do a split with him! That means he took us around in a little red Fiat rental and we visited some of our potential amis.  Miracles happened.  It's amazing the power the Holy Ghost can have on people. 

We met lots of fun people, a Tahitian grandma who got mad at me for not knowing how to speak Tahitian, but then I just explained that it's real hard and it's hard enough in French and ugh.  Haha then we talked and left best friends.  I love people.  We met the old mayor of our island!  He's mute now, but showed us pics of his grandkids and was happy.  So cute. 

Pray we don't get sick haha there's a big wave of "the dengue" (the dang haha)  coming through the islands haha and it sounds pretty bad.  

We deep cleaned our house but that lasted like 3 mins cause lizards poop on all of our possessions every day. 

So many more miracles! I'll share more next week.


Elder Jenkins

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