Monday, April 24, 2017

Looking up! - Tahaa

First off, a cocroach made it into my laundry and got ripped into peices so I had to sort out cocroach parts for like 10 mins out of my clothes.  And I only found half of it... SO we'll find out this week where all the other parts/legs are!

Things are looking up!! We've been working really hard since January for success, but with little luck.  I'm in what's rumored to be the hardest sector of the mission, (pretty much cause of the biking lol) but the Lord continues to bless us!! We have a lot of potential amis who are so close to baptism!! PRAY FOR THE PEOPLE OF TAHAA!!

Someone made us pizza <3

We made cookies!!! I'm getting fat.  Help.

Spiritual thought!!
God loves us.  We are His children and He sent us here so we can be happy and be like Him.  BUT in order to become like Him, we have to let Him help us.  And that means giving up all our sins, desires etc nessissary (no spell check I'm sorry plz forgive)  in order to follow His commandments and the path that He has set for us.  If we give Him our hearts, He will turn us into something better that we could ever imagine to be.

I LOVE YOU ALL!! Keep writing I love ur updates


Elder Jenkins

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