Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Another fantastic week!!

We visited the Marae, or ancient human sacrificing grounds last monday with the missionaries at Reiateia- island right next to us. Twas neat.  Had some coconut icecream

We fixed our water heater! Had a hot shower for the first time in 3 months. 

We got to an ami's house a little early last week, and they didn't seem to be there, so we waited about 20 mins for our 3:00 appointment and played with their dog out front.  Then after those 20 mins someone yelled out of the house "NO ONE"S HOME!!"  And we were pretty bummed and left but then we saw our amis down the street haha! So they actually are still interested.  BLESSINGS

We gave a blessing to a little baby who would not keep still haha but she was happy and smiling and just wanted to know why we were placing our hands on her head.  

Spiritual thought!! 
Realizing more and more the importance of following God's will.  Which is actually not the same as our will a lot of the time.  But God loves us.  He knows us better than we know ourselves. And especially more than our friends know us. If we take real effort to follow His plan and keep his commandments He will lead us to real happiness.  I've seen this first and second hand so much here in Polynesia and I know that it's real.  Follow the Prophet's most recent council and read the Book of Mormon.  EVERY DAY JUST DO IT IT"S WORTH IT!!!


Elder Jenkins

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