Monday, February 6, 2017


I was laying in our hammock last monday, while eating bananas and nutella, underneath coconut trees in paradise, and I realized that I lucked out with my mission hahaha.  

I love this island.  never wanna leave.  We're teaching so many awesome people and I love bringing them more and more joy everyday.

Mostly my companion and I just sing pop songs from middle school and try to eat a lot of food.  And also do the Lord's work.

Ate 9 eggs for breakfast the other day. My life is so exciting.

So many miracles.  I wish I could tell them all.  Even just today, it was raining hardcore and we knew we were gonna get soaked while riding our bikes to go shopping for our weekly food supply. And then a scripture popped into my head "demandez, et vous recevrez" or "ask and you shall be given".  And so I said a humble prayer asking God to stop the rain just for while we were riding our bikes.  And He did!  Crazy dumping rain went totally calm and we went to the store.  Then we got back to our house and it started again haha! So I prayed again that we'd arrive to the chapel without getting soaked.  And as soon as we got on our bikes the rain stopped again.  GOD LOVES US AND ANSWERS OUR PRAYERS!!!!

I love you all, keep being good.


Elder Jenkins

peeps from papeete

Momma Cathy

Mami Yvonne


animal pics

Mr Pig


lizards and spiders errywhere

taaha pics

First day with Elder Barlow!


life pics


so.  much.  food.  

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