Monday, February 27, 2017


So first things first, Juliana and Sofia are totally getting baptized!! They know the church is true, and they decided that they have control of their lives, not their family.  So they're getting baptized Saturday. THEY"RE SO STRONG AND AMAZING

Sometimes the Lord just decides to bless you for no reason.  It's incredible. Cool experience, 
We sat down for a first lesson with this leader in another church, and we were gonna teach him about the book of mormon/ joseph smith etc the restoration of the gospel.  And we get talking and I hear this voice going "plan de salut" (plan of salvation). over and over.  And I realized we needed to change the lesson plan to that.  And right before I could ask my companion what he thought of changing the lesson, the guy we're teaching looks up and says "is it true that there is a life after death?"  HAHAHAHA And I about died cause that's exactly the question that the plan of salvation answers!!  We taught him and he was super touched.  After the lesson apparently my companion had the same thought to do the plan of salvation as well!  The spirit is real, and so aweseome.  

We're also teaching a guy who has been progressing so well, getting over drug addictions, praying etc, when suddenly he just dissapeared.  We couldn't find him and we kept noticing people in his house pretending they weren't there when we stopped by.  So we were super bummed that he was avoiding us, cause he was doing so well!! Then just last saturday we saw him, and turns out he was just super busy with work!  We did a lesson and he had read like over 10 chapters in the book of mormon all by himself, and he was like super buff! Haha apparently ever since he stopped drugs he gained the ability to get ripped.  SO AWESOME!  He's so happy recently and I can totally see a difference in his life. I LOVE THE GOSPEL. 

I sat on a coconut for a chair for 1.5 hrs for a lesson entirely in Tahitian the other day.  Haha sacrifices bring blessings.  

ALSO! Anyone who sent me a Christmas card, YOU ARE ALL SO AWESOME!!!! I absolutely LOVE hearing about and seeing you all!! You all look fantastic.  I loves ya. 

The work continues, adventures everyday.  Have a great week!!

Elder Jenkins

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