Monday, February 13, 2017

Elder Jenkins - Tahaa

So my companion's bike is slowly dying, so we did a lot of walking this week lol.  But not even bad!  Sometimes when you're movin too fast you forget to stop and look around.  We saw a stingray!!

We started a ward choir thingy and my companion plays piano and since I know sort of how to sight sing sheet music they elected me as mistro.  So I get to lead this huge group of Tahitians singing hymns hahaha it's the greatest.  

Met some tourists from Jerusalem and they were like hey missionaries!!! and I quote "we don't know much about you guys but we saw the play." hahaha oh no.  

My comp and I have opera battles in French.  Also lots of 2000's pop songs. We're so cool.

We found ourselves a large hermit crab and named him Ernie.  He's actually pretty gross and looks like a spider.  But we love him anyways. <3 <3 <3

Friday we took a boat to another island for zone conference!! It was such a fun day.  We totally got "tom saywered" by some dude making leaf decorations, and we helped him out.  We saw so many other missionaries and it was so fun to talk to them all!! Learned a lot too.  Mission presidents are so wise holy cow.  

I love our amis.  It's so awesome to see them turn their lives around from sitting around doing drugs all day to working, and loving their families and the Lord.  The chruch is so true and the gospel is so real.  

I got to jam with some tahitian homies on the guitar and uke and I miss that.  People are awesome. 

I've learned to ride my bike with no handlebars very well, so now I'm able to take my little french hymnbook with me and sing on my bike as we ride to our lessons.  

This is all.  I love ya'll.  Have a great week.

Elder Jenkins

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