Monday, January 23, 2017

Wowzers!! - Tahaa

This island is crazy!!  It rains like nobody's buisness!! Quite nuts.  We've gotten completely drenched quite a bit, but it's all good!! :D  Better than the hot sun for me.

We found a local bakery and they make pastery's and baguettes and cocobread which is amazing and my new obsession.  

We are going nuts with our diet cause we've decided we want to get huge.  Hahaha we've started eating as much as possible to try to counter how much biking we do. I ate three steaks yesterday among my other meals.  Oh dear. We'll see how that goes.

We eat everything in our house, and sometimes we experiment.  Tried some nice hot koolaid and hot limeaid the other day.  Not too bad!

We taught this woman a really powerful lesson, and turns out she's a masseus! She offered to give us free massages cause she felt the spirit so much hahaha!  But unfortunately we had to turn her down. After the mission for sure!!

The Gospel is amazing.  And very important.  It's awesome to teach people the answers to life's questions, like what's the purpose of life? Where will we go after we die? Cause IT"S IMPORTANT.  That determines everything we do here on earth!! Luckily we know the answers and we have the comfort of knowing we have a plan to be happy for ever and ever.  I LOVE THE GOSPEL

Have a great week, atl,
Elder Jenkins

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