Monday, January 16, 2017


It has been a WEEK!

I took two small planes and a boat ride just after emailing you all last week.  All the way to Tahaa.  My lovely new island.  
Tahaa is crazy.  So pretty.  We can always see the ocean.  There is a single road that goes around the entire shoreline, and it is so so fun to bike on.  
I feel like I'm living in a mix of Utah mountains and California.  It's amazing.  We live in a bay that reminds me so much of lake Jordanelle if ya'lls know where that is.  I just wanna go boating so bad!!
It rains here.  A lot haha like everynight is a hurricane it's so cool.  
We bike here.  A LOT.  Haha my companion and I live alone in a nice little house, although we don't have hot water (bummer).  And our sector is literally over HALF THE ILSAND.  And sometimes we just go seashore biking to get to our investigators houses, but sometimes we have to cut through the mountains, and that means HILLS.  So much for getting fat on the mission.  Sport tout les jours!

My new comp is awesome! Elder Barlow, from Washington state.  American, speaks english haha.  So weird to have normal english conversations.  And he's taller than me!! So we are two oddballs here in Tahiti, two tall white guys with shirts and ties.  It's awesome and everyone loves us. 

We eat at little roulottes a lot (food trucks) cause a member owns one and gives us free food. I love people.  

We were awoken a few days ago by a large pig walking into our house.  (we leave all the doors open cause no AC) And it took a while to make it leave hahaha.

There are millions of tupas.  Little crabs.  They're so odd. 

Super stoked, French is coming!  This week I've started realizing moments where I'm thinking or speaking in French without realizing it.  LE DON DES LANGUES EST VRAI.  

Slip a lot in mud cause so much rain, and one lady kept making comments about how I'm Michael Jackson now lol.  I don't know if me sliding in mud is comparable to the moonwalk, but I'll take it.

Second day here walked for 10 miles around a large part of our sector and got some nice 2nd degree sunburns.  

I'm so excited to do the work here.  We are pretty much starting from 0, we don't have anyone to teach yet really.  But we've made so much progress in one week.  This island has so much to offer.  It's rough, but so worth it.  Everyday is a new adventure and harder/ more fufilling than the previous.  

The church is so true.  It's insane how many blessings/ miracles we see.  
Jesus once explained, that we should first and foremost search the kingdom of God, and all our other needs will be placed before us.  (food, money, etc)  And that is unreasonably true here on the mission.  We don't even need to worry about our food cause we can always count on some random person giving us food every day. Everything just works out so nicely.  We are God's children.  He loves us and won't let us go hungry/ without our needs if we are doing His will.
SO make sure you are all keeping your priorities in line and first serving God! Cause He has the power to give you everything else you need!!

All the loves, 

Elder Jenkins

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