Monday, January 2, 2017


Not too much this week, and little time, but the mission is toujour top!!

We went to the temple this week!! so so cool.  I love the temple, so grateful for one here in Tahiti.

My companions bike broke, so we take turns dragging each other on  my bike that works haha.  We get a lot of strange looks. And good exercise!! :D

We made crepes this week and I eat them everyday.

My trainer is a brat lol. Cool experience, we were trying to figure out what to teach one of our amis, Jean, and we were praying/ thinking hard.  My companion was like, lets teach him about Noah's ark and Ether in the Book of Mormon to get him interested in the scriptures.  And I'm like what the heck are you talking about that doesn't make any sense.  After a while the thought popped into my head- temple sealing.  And I knew it was right.  And my companion was like Finally!!!! ANd I said what do you mean?  He explained that he was thinking the same thing the whole time, he just wanted to see if I would listen to the spirit, which was saying "temple sealing", and trying to test me by leading me off track.  Haha I wanted to punch him but it was pretty cool.  THE SPIRIT OF GOD LIKE A FIRE IS BURNING.

 Elder Jenkins

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