Monday, June 5, 2017

Miri ran away - Tahaa

Quelle semaine!

We made some pizza, alfredo, french toast, and homemade syrup this week cause Elder Murdock is a master chef!  So much fun. He's from Kaysville, and I'm learning so much from him every day.

This week we've had numerous bike problems haha but luckily the Lord helped us out, and we're ready to go.  Flat tires, gear shifters snapping in half etc.  Bikes are not made for this much biking.

We went to a lil dock the other day and looked down into the water.  It was basically a natural aquarium with crazy fish and a massive sting ray going nuts.  I can't believe this is where I serve my mission.  

We've played frisbee and soccer with some neighborhood kids and they think we're so cool hahaha.  And magic tricks never dissapoint.  Playing with the kids is one of the greatest blessings. So much fun and love and so few worries.

The work is really starting to progress and we hope to get some amis in water soon!

Someone plz take me to Paris when I get home so we can go through the temple there cause dang. * heart eyes

We did a hike today!  I miss hikes.  Hike>Bike

Spiritual thought!
Been thinking a lot recently about "le perspectif éternel". (eternal perspective)  Really, in life you gotta look at the big picture.  One of the greatest blessings of the Gospel/Church is the knowladge of where we came from, why we're here, and where we're going.  We have trials and problems and sadness etc almost every day.  And it sucks.  Cause those things make our lives on earth less fun.  But REALLY, our lives right now aren't supposed to be all fun and games.  God sent us here to have experiences and trials so that we can learn and change.  Progress is the key.  And we can only make progress when we humble ourselves and follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  After this life we'll be eternally grateful for all the good decisions we made here on this beautiful planet.  Be good.  Don't do anything that would displease God. He loves you.

Elder Jenkins

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