Monday, April 23, 2018

red blue orange team - bora bora

This week was great! 

There is a ton of politics going on.  We got stuck in the road cause there was a line of literally over 200 cars and lots of scooters doing a tour of the island and we had to ride down the road with them cause there was no way out.  They were all honking and playing music from the giant speakers and subwoofers they had attached to their cars haha! 

Our ami Veena was baptized! So awesome.  I was so so proud because she had so much opposition and she was almost going to call it off the day of but she did it!!!  It's incredible the sacrifices people make to have the gospel in their lives.  It makes me feel silly for ever ditching seminary haha!

I'm staying in Bora!! YAYYYYYYY!! I'm very happy.

All the loves!!

Elder Jenkins

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