Monday, January 1, 2018

Paradise - Bora Bora

I love Bora!

Today for p day we went fishing with some Tahitian homies and caught 22 fish and chilled at a motu (lil island next to the island) and it was so flippin  pretty!
The only bad part is the sun is pretty bright haha!  I totally forgot to apply one of the 297 bottles of sunscreen my mom sent me off with so my complexion is currently the shade of Barbie's convertible.  
I'm starting to get to know the island pretty well, and everyone is so cool!  
I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year!  
My legs are feelin the burn- even though we only cover a quarter of bora which is a pretty small island, it's decently long on bike, especially with the hills.

Last Christmas was so awesome! I got to see my family! I love my family! 
Sorry if I didn't respond to you personally I have negative time

I hope you all make some great new years resolutions and keep them!  Change is a great thing.  Repentance- one of the greatest gifts of all time, the ability to have second chances is simply a change of heart.  I invite you all to think and pray about what Heavenly Father would have you change in your life so that you can be more happy:)  

Elder Jenkins


Chillin on a boat!

Ill try to send the rest of photos another day

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