Monday, November 14, 2016

Rain rain go away just kidding stay forever - Papeete

Hello everybody!!

Things are great!! Another fun week here in Papeete. 

The French is coming little by little. We teach a ton and everyone here is so nice!  We get random shoutouts on the street all the time from surfer dudes jamming to some island music.  

I keep finding lots of guitars and ukuleles to play and so that's awesome!  I got to jam on a tahitian ukulele with a bunch of other guys playing Weezer songs and they thought it was awesome haha!!
One guy was playing the guitar upside down cause he was left handed!  And he was way good!

It's rainy season now and that means it rains and is cloudy a lot!!! IT'S THE GREATEST EVER YO.  Like it's not even that hot anymore, just rainy and amazing.  

People sometimes try to talk in English with me and they think it's so funny haha! 

I've had many battles with lizards in our house but they are simply too fast.  The lizards are superior and we must submit.  They will reside with us in our house.

Spiritual story!!!
  Ok so one thing I strongly believe (which is also very cliche) is that the Lord works in mysterious ways.  Like I think He on purpose answers prayers different than we think He will. Why? Maybe to try our faith? Maybe to humble us? Or maybe He just has a crazy sense of humor idk.  But anyways! We were contacting and prayed that we would be able to find someone to teach.  So we go out and literally go through every single street, talk to tons of people, and loop around our entire sector and nothing.  We're like what the heck man we prayed and everything! And as soon as we have completed our travels, some lady walks up to us and asks "so why is it called the Book of Mormon if Joseph Smith wrote it?" Hahaha and I almost died.  So we quickly explained that Joseph did not, in fact write the book and gave her a quick lesson.  And she accepted the invitation to be taught!! The work here is awesome.  Things like that happen literally all the time.  From those experiences I've learned A LOT of things, but some quick ones-  God is there.  He is listening and WILL answer your prayers.  BUT you've gotta have lots of faith and act upon it.  I believe faith to be a verb rather than a noun.  You have to do something first, believing that God will follow through.  That is faith.  


Elder Jenkins

Classic mango stand

My companion with a huge snail.

Me and temple cause why not

Hina's baptism!!  I forgot to say, my companion baptized her and I got to confirm her
and give her the Holy Ghost (in French so I struggled a little) but it was so awesome!

Some crazy kids

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