Monday, November 28, 2016


AHHHH how is everyone!!

I get so excited and smile every time  I sit down to do emails cause I just love ya'll so much!!

So this week was pretty good!  Lots of random fun things happen but really it's just great all the time doing missionary stuff so ya it's always great.

Last P day we went to go fishing and there was a little spot where we could go in the water!  Fun fact- I'm pretty sure Tahiti is the only mission that allows this, but we are allowed to go knee deep in the super warm clear water!  And it felt so so nice and I wanted more than anything to jump all the way in haha but that would not be appropriate!!!
Also my companion caught a barracuda haha the animal life here is nuts.

So this week for the English class I taught everyone Head Shoulders Knees and Toes!  Haha they seemed to enjoy it and they taught me the French version!

Thanksgiving was this week!  How was everyone's thanksgivings I hope great. They don't really celebrate thanksgiving here but they made an exception for us!  We ate at a members house and get this.  They heard they were having an American over for dinner (me) and they bought a turkey!!! Like no way!  Haha so I got a little American food along with all the fish and rice!
On thanksgiving, we asked the host what holliday we were celebrating.  He responded "is it Monday Black?" hahaha I love Tahitians.

Speaking of, I decided wearing all black was necessary on Black Friday, and made it through the day without heatstroke!!

It's crazy the connections I find here.  Like I saw a Utah State University t shirt at an investigators house!  And an Elder from Germany, who is serving with me in Tahiti, has been to my high school.  Like what are the odds!  Neat. 

The kids here are my best friends.  They're all so crazy and fun.  One of the little guys always asks for a pencil so he can draw scribbles.  And each time he just breaks all the lead in the pencil, and then cries because he wants to draw haha.  So i better start carrying around pens.  

Spiritual thought!!!  I'm trying to read the Book of Mormon all the way through again, and I've decided the most repeated phrase in the book is "Inasmuch as you keep my commandments, you will prosper in the land.  But inasmuch as you do not keep my commandments, you will be cut off from my prescence."  (That's God talking) And it is so true.  It's like God just wants to give us blessings.  And those blessings are free and awesome, and all we gotta do is follow the few rules He's given us!  So really if you think about it, commandments are blessings not rules.

Loves ya'll s'much!!!!

Elder Jenkins

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