Monday, December 12, 2016

12/12 It's Elder Jenkins! - Papeete

How is everyone! I hope swell.  Enjoyin that December chill.  Keeping snug, swaddled in a warm quilt.  Taking slow sips from a glistening mug of hot coco.

Life is good!  Not too much this week, pretty normal tbh.  I was a tad malade (sick) this week which was a major bummer, but I'm feeling good as new! Luckily it wasn't zika or one of the crazy diseases here haha cause that'll take you out for a month or two.  

Thinking about Christmas, and what it means.  It's really cool.  Repentance is awesome.  The Savior is the coolest guy ever.  Take a minute to read the parts of the New Testament about the Savior's ministry if you have the time.  You'll learn something important.  

Don't give up! The Lord loves ya, I love ya,
all the loves,

Elder Jenkins

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