Monday, October 31, 2016


How is everyone!!

Halloween is in fact a thing here in Tahiti!! I'm dressing up as a missionary haha!!!
Things are great here.  I still can't really understand what anyone is saying, but it all somehow works out! I can tell the gift of tongues is real because the only time I can really speak well is when I'm bearing my testimony lol! Missionary work here is awesome! It's super hot and we have to bike everywhere!!! We teach a lot and I love it!! Two of our investigators agreed to be baptized!! It was awesome and I had to do the invitation cause I'm new and was so scared haha.  But I love all the people here!!  Ok I'm super pressed on time and it's always so busy, so I promise I'm gonna write a huge email next week with lots of pictures!!

All the loves,

Elder Jenkins

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