Friday, September 16, 2016

Week Cinq - Provo MTC

Hi! :)

Ok so I think things have finally slowed down here at the MTC! Not so much learning-wise, but as far as adjusting to the lifestyle I'm pretty solid.  

I've been here a month now.  Crazy.  And I'm halfway done with the MTC! One more month to go!!  It's not too bad here but I'm sure compared to Tahiti it's lacking.  Haha to say the least.  We have one more week of learning French, then we start TAHITIAN.  Oh dear boy.  Plz send prayers.  That language is nuts.  Not even close to English or French.  Fun fact, I found out my teacher is from the south, and she spoke French to us in a Southern Georgia accent and it was one of the funniest things ever.  

We got to hear from not one, but TWO apostles this week!! That makes 3 in a row.  Ballard and Cook both came for evening devotionals.  Both talks very good, about mission work and love.  ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE!

The older group of Tahitians left, so the MTC feels very different.  It's still fun, but I don't really know too many people anymore.  Gotta make some new friends! :D   I got called as the District Leader! Which isn't really that special cause there are only 4 of us and so we will all get a turn.  But still.  It feels fun to have power over my peers hahahaha. This week we had a jeune d'Anglais! Which translates to "English fast"  So basically, we couldn't speak English the entire day!  To say the least, we were much more quiet than we usually are! But I think my French has improved, so there ya go.  

Teaching lessons is going well, we got both our (fake) investigators to agree to baptism! (Or at least work towards it)  It's awesome to see a change in someone and see them want to become better. (Even if they aren't real people) 

We taught a real member a lesson this week too! IN TAHITI! We taught him over skype and tbh I'm surprised we were able to communicate at all because I can barely speak French as it is!  But it was really fun and he was really nice and there were so many dogs!! Haha so I'll have that to look forward to!

Thank you all for giving me updates about the outside world!! From what I hear, the BYU-Utah game was a tragedy.  It's ok as long as they win once I'm back! GO COUGARS!  Also I hear twenty one pilots covered an MCR song and I about cried.  I guess there will be many more things like that.  Lots of songs I can't hear in the next 2 years.  

But ya it's pretty fun here.  An Elder in the zone (Elder Dorsey) Freestyle raps every night and it's so cool! And yes it's better than me rapping called to serve hahaha.  The choir is way fun too!  The director is actually hilarious and kinda gives spiritual talks inbetween the singing.  SUPER FUN. 

OH YA and the best part- IT RAINED!!!! I MISS RAIN.  Elder Jorgensen and I ran outside and got soaked for as long as we could before bedtime.  Basically the best.  Looking forward to all the rain in Tahiti!!!

Spiritual thought!- The more I learn about the Gospel the more sense it seems to make.  Like even from a logical standpoint, I don't see how the church couldn't be true.  But with that, the church isn't always perfect.  There are always gonna be strange rules and rude people, but that doesn't change the message of the Gospel.  That God lives, there is a living prophet, and Christ died so we can become perfect and live with our loved ones forever.  So don't worry about what other people think.   The Gospel is there to help you, and you don't have to answer to anyone, except God.  

I LOVE YOU ALL.  Thank you so so so so so so so so so much to anyone who has written me cause it means so much and I LOVE hearing about all your lives! It just makes my week so much better

All the loves,
 Elder Jenkins

The Temple with all the Missionaries

I saw Elder Kerr- and Elder Miskimens right before he left!

Every week, all the French missionaries sing
together at the temple under the trees and socialize.

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